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Appearance Shank
Voiced by Tim Gouran

(Father) Angelo is the penultimate boss of Shank. Angelo was really a hitman and Cesar's cousin but killed a priest and had to take over his position.

Role in PlotEdit

Angelo is first seen when Shank and Falcone bring the Father Gomez to Cesar in order to force him to pay the Mob the debt he owes. Gomez believed that he did not owe them anything; frustrating the group. As tensions rose, Gomez began praying to God but Angelo insults him and God. The priest then spits on Angelo for being so ignorant; Angelo became furious and shot the priest. Shank, who witnessed the ordeal, looked in disgust at Angelo for killing a "Man of the Cloth". Angelo threatened Shank but Shank countered aiming his gun at his head. Cesar halted the two and told Angelo that he would have to replace the Priest so no one knows of his fate. When Cesar told The Butcher, Cassandra, and Angelo to follow Shank and kill both him and Eva. It was Angelo who burnt the house down with Shank mortally wounded inside. Shank escaped and returned years later to kill Angelo and the others.

After Shank caught a Man he knew when he was working for Cesar; he chopped off his arm and told him to run and tell Angelo that he is coming for him. Shank follows the blood to a large Church and enters through the front door. He then goes to a confession booth and then surprises Angelo and attacks. Angelo then says "I shall call you Lazarus" as Shank insults him. Shank fights through the Church to the bell tower for a final fight with Angelo. Shank wins the fight but Angelo grabs a rocket launcher and shoots a bell; which collapses and knocks Shank unconscious. Shank awakens to find himself strapped to an electric chair with Angelo by the switch. After Cesar speaks with Shank, Angelo is about to pull the lever until a blackout happens and Angelo is now in the chair with Shank by the switch. Guards enter the room and another blackout happens; when the power comes back on, Shank has killed all the Guards and Angelo by pulling the lever all the way for maximum electrocution; killing Angelo instantly, as Shank precedes to find Cesar.


  • When Angelo calls Shank "Lazarus" he is referring to a story in the Gospel of John; which describes a man named Lazarus who was raised from the dead by Jesus.
  • Angelo is the Cousin of Cesar.
  • His last name is Ramirez.