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Appearance Shank
Voiced by Sheila Goold

Cassandra is the 4th boss after the butcher(fake), the jeep, the butcher(real).

Equipped with a long sword, Cassandra can move fast and have long range attack. she even can block herself from bullet, with ratio 1:10 chance of hit

Role in PlotEdit

Cassandra originally owned (or worked) at a strip club. After a biker gang showed up to take charge of the club, Cezar had Shank and Falcone kill the gang and the two bosses. She wanted Denny alive to torture him. Afterwards, She is seen again assisting in the Murder of Eva. Cassandra was about to kill Eva until Shank disarmed her and then she disarmed Shank as she reached for her sword, Shank sliced her face resulting in a permanent scar on her face. After helping kill Eva, Cassandra returned to her club and is now presumed the owner. She comments that Shank still looks the same after 7 years and that day ruined her life. She saids that it was the day Cesar tossed her aside as dirt while admitting that she doesn't regret killing Eva. They then fight with Shank dodging her sword and then shooting her in the head killing her instantly. Shank then continues to find Angelo.