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Cesar SS
Appearance Shank
Voiced by Dave White

Cesar is the main antagonist of Shank and the leader of the Crime Family. Cesar appeared to be a sort of Father-figure to Shank since Cesar was his close Mentor.

He is shown to be the most powerful drug lord in Mexico since he is the only person alone to keep all drug cartels across the country in-check.

Role in PlotEdit

Cesar is not heard of much in the cooperative campaign, but is a central Character in the main story. Cesar begins with hiring a room full of Mercenaries and Thugs to kill Shank and the promised reward is his eternal gratitude and a handsome payout. Cesar prepares for Shank's arrival after he has killed the trio responsible for Eva's death. Shank kills Angelo and enters the room where Cesar and Shank prepare for a final fight to the death. Throughout the fight, Shank reveals that he knew that Cesar had him followed to find Eva and he reveals that he couldn't kill her because she was pregnant and Shank states that Cesar taught him that nothing comes before family and that she was part of it. Cesar says that if he had known that she was with child, it would never have happened. They continue to fight and Cesar gains the upper hand, despite this, Shank recovers and defeats Cesar, as Shank walks off into the sunset with his revenge fulfilled.

However, there is one thing that Shank never realizes that without Cesar's influence, the gang war erupts in the country causing the rise of the Militia with result of dictatorship.

Trivia Edit

In the Steam version Eva being pregnant wasn't mentioned at all in the game.