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Denny was originally The Leader of a Motorcycle gang that was later killed by Shank and Falcone.

Role in PlotEdit

Denny and his best friend, Rusty, arrive at Cassandra's Strip Club and assume it as part of their territory. Shank and Falcone arrive to eliminate the gang. After doing so, Shank and Falcone kill Rusty and leave Denny to be tortured by Cassandra.

Denny after the Co-op story.

During Shank's quest for Revenge, the man (who Shank met during his time serving the Mob) lead Shank to another Club that was said to have Angelo inside. Shank enters and is trapped in the room with Denny who controls the part of Town that Shank is in and is now a gimp who mumbles, moans, and giggles. The Man then leaves with intentions on Shank being killed by Denny. Shank manages to beat Denny to death using Chains he received from ripped out Denny's nipple piercings. Shank punches Denny to the floor then leaps and crushes his skull. He then continues to find the Man for information on Angelo.

Battle Strategy Edit

Denny will sometimes rush at Shank and try to bear hug him. Dodge this attack and you will be fine. Same goes for most of his attacks. One thing to note is the giant cage hanging from the ceiling. A man wearing a costume squirrel head will pop out of it from time to time as additional enemies. If Denny does his bear hug attack and runs into a squirrel, he will bear hug that instead. This is your chance to get some hits on Denny, refill health, or climb onto Denny's back and tug fiercely on his nipple piercings, which deals a lot of damage.