Elena is the adoptive mother of Shank. She is the person that raised him as her child in her orphanage. She is also the leader of the resistance against the dictatorship of general Manugs Deleon.


She first appears in the introduction of the first level in a picture in which she is with Corina and Shank, that is the picture that Shank sees in the bus heading for his hometown before is stopped by soldiers of the militia. And she is the person that is which Maguns wants to capture to cure himself. Later in the second level when Shank is refusing Corina´s offer to join the rebellion, he says that he is only here for her, to what Corina responds "Since when did you care?" and he answers that is "Since now." In one part Shank has a vision of Elena speaking to him, but he is interrupted by Corina who says that Magnus' minions kidnapped her. When Shank arrives at where they are taking her away, he confronts Inferno and eliminates him. After Shank arrives at the Magnus' black market of organs and defeats the Doctor, he goes with Corina to where she is, to see how she is. She tolds Shank and Corina tiredly that the general is behind of everything and it must be stopped. Later she apparently dies, to what Corina gives Shank a comunicator so they can comunicate between each other. Shank arrives to the place in which Magnus is and kills him once and for all. After Shank informs via walkie-talkie that Magnus is down, Corina says that Someone wants to speak with him. That someone is Elena saying that he is a good man and congratulates him. But Shank doesn't hear any of this because he dropped the communicator beacause some helicopters came to attack him. He then jumps into one of the helicopters, to what the game ends.


In the rebel intel it says that her full name is Elena Carlos and that she has raised various children in her orphanage including Robert Torres, alias "Shank".