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Appearance Shank
Voiced by Becky Poole

Eva is a preschool teacher and Shank's girlfriend who was revealed to be pregnant before she was murdered. She is a major character in the games story


Eva was a Preschool teacher who met Shank prior to the events of the single and cooperative campaigne of the game Shank. The two started dating but it caused Cesar to dislike her because she was not like them in anyway.

Role in PlotEdit

Shank and Falcone attempted to assassinate the Mayor while Eva remained in the car outside. Unaware of what was happening, she went in to find Shank because he had the car keys and parked in a "no parking zone". She entered to find Shank and Falcone murdering the Mayors bodyguard and then was taken hostage by the Mayor himself. Rudy then enters the room and shoots the Mayor, killing him and splattering blood on Eva causing her to go into shock. Rudy then takes aim at Eva because there are to be no witnesses but Shank dives in the way and kills Rudy, saving Eva. Shank realizes what he has done and so he must flee to protect her from Cesar and the Mob. Later, Shank talks to Cesar and is told to kill Eva; Shank reluctantly accepts in order to erase any bad blood between him and Cesar. Cesar then orders the Butcher, Angelo, and Cassandra to follow Shank to find Eva and then kill both of them. Shank arrives at the house he has been hiding Eva in, as he enters he discovers that she is pregnant as the trio break into the house. Shank attempts to defend her but is overwhelmed and injured as Angelio sets the house on fire and the Butcher rapes and kills Eva. Shank survives and returns years later to seek revenge against Cesar and the Mob; setting the main story events in motion.