Inferno's Bio

Inferno (real name Alexandro Deleon) is one of the antagonists and bosses of Shank 2, and a member of the Militia.


Inferno is a hispanic man with short black hair. He has burns at the right side of his face and an eyepatch over his right eye. He wears a red shirt with torn sleeves and darker red pants. He is a huge man like Razor, but more normally proportioned. He is never seen without his flamethrower.


Alexandro Deleon, nicknamed Inferno, is the younger brother of General Magnus. He used to be Magnus' bodyguard, and lost an eye from an assassination attempt in 1988. He now serves as part of the Militia.

Role in plotEdit

Inferno first appears at Shank's old hometown with his soldiers, asking who was the one responsible for killing Razor and burning down their camp. Nobody responded, so he decided to "return the favor" and he took out his flamethrower and started burning the town down. Screams alerted Shank to get into action. After fighting through the burning city Shank sees Inferno throw his old guardian Elena in a truck with other civilians taking them away. Elena called out Shank's name, prompting Inferno to turn around and see Shank. Shank gets up to prepare for a fight, but falls since he is on top of the roof of a burning building. Inside the burning building Shank and Inferno face off. Inferno mainly uses his flamethrower to attack. Shank stuns Inferno and jumps and stabs him on the neck and his flamethrower backpack, causing propane to spill all over. While Inferno screams in pain, the spilling propane causes an explosion killing him and exploding the entire building. Shank walks out of the fire without a burn though, and tries to follow the truck with the civilians in it.