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  • Lyon Gonevistha

    At last, The Shank's Comic has arrived here!!!! It will be released for FREE

    Hell yeah, this comic will brigde between Shank 1 and shank 2, and featured by Jeff agala and Vangelis Christou!!

    Download this digital for free at:

    • Download the comic from ComiXology: if you have an iPad, Android, or Kindle Fire, I highly recommend using this option. Their app is beautiful and reading a comic on your mobile device is a dream.
    • Download the full color 12 page comic PDF right here if you want to read it on your desktop.

    Read the Official shank's blog for the further info.

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  • JAlbor

    Klei Entertainment is at it again with the recently announced Mark of the Ninja, a downloadable 2D stealth-platformer for the Xbox 360.

    Be sure to check out the Mark of the Ninja wiki for more information and feel free to edit to your hearts content!

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  • Lyon Gonevistha

    Okay, guys, after years and years we've waiting, the time is come. The Shank 2 are coming!!

    It's just the matter of time before the release of Shank 2 @ 7th February!!!

    Shank 2 comes to PSN (North America) and PC on February 7, and XBLA and PSN (Europe) on February 8. And it comes with a better combo system, and more moves. it also support a multiplayer survival mode, that comes with variative costumes.

    Shank's Comic Books are already release!!!! but The Kli's Entertainment still working on the Distribution. Keep patience, everyoneXD. The comic will tie the first and second Shank story arcs together, and features the art of our very own Jeff Agala and Vangelis Christou.

    Klei finally released the shank's soundtrack!!!

    click here to see it!!!

    That's all folks

    c ya on next news!!

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  • Lyon Gonevistha

    Happy New Year!!

    January 4, 2012 by Lyon Gonevistha

    HEYA guys!

    We finally meet again in my fourth Blogpost.

    Before I continue to the news, I'll say Merry Chrismast and Happy new year guys, :D

    Hmm, to the News!!!

    First, i would like announce the Shank IRC channel opening!!!. Thanks to Kaishiro, that helping me to make this IRC Channel.

    IRC is webchat where all gamer can come and have a chitchat. the link can be found on the home page.

    see ya on next blog post!!!

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  • Lyon Gonevistha

    Hi again everyone!

    Now on my third post, I'll inform you what features that I add to this wiki:

    1. New nav: Looking good, Hah?
    2. Chat features added: Now you guys can chat on this wiki.
    3. New Pages: in the main page, you can see the newest pages. Help us to improve it!!

    Btw, you guys must check out the Cesar and Eva page. those two were edited by Bostonian2011. Good edited, and maybe I'll looking forward to work with this guy. (of course if he/she keep edting)

    • Shank 2 Coop Survival Video. Check out Here
    • Shank 2 Gameplay: Burning City.Check out Here
    • Shank 2 EX Quick Look. Check out Here
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  • Lyon Gonevistha

    I've got new videos today. There are:

    • Shank 2 video Preview. Check out here
    • Or if you miss the coop Shank Videos, check out here
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  • Lyon Gonevistha

    Hi, everyone!!!

    Welcome to my first Blog,

    First, I would like to Introduce myself as a new Admin of this wiki. Hoorayyy!!! I've been creating new pages and edited them. Make sure to visit (and also editing them).

    Second, this wiki need more member. I need more helping before the next release of Shank

    Third, I announced the sequel of Shank: Shank 2!!! Be Happy, folks:DDDD

    Shank 2 will be released in PS3 and Xbox 360, in early 2012.The rest of this blog sourced from

    Despite defeating Cesar at the end of the first game, Shank's troubles are far from over as mercenary forces have moved in on his turf and threaten his community. The only chance Shank has to save the people who depend upon him, obviously, is to stick something very sharp into whoever crosses his path. If there's more story than that, I don't care. Where do I stick the knives?

    The original Shank was a very straightforward brawler made unique by its striking animated style, excessive violence and easy comparisons to…

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  • Wagnike2

    Shank Combo Moves

    August 12, 2010 by Wagnike2

    Klei Entertainment have uploaded a new video showing how the gameplay and combos will work in the game Shank.

    To see the video head: here.

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