Razor's Bio

Razor (real name Raymund Zorbelle) is an antagonist and the first boss of Shank 2. He is part of the The Militia, having a much higher rank among the other soldiers.


Razor is an African American man with long black hair with a short beard. He wears an army uniform with a necklace made of chains. He is also pretty huge, about 10 feet tall, with a very top heavy body with gigantic arms and tiny legs.


Born in June 30, 1969, Raymund Zorbelle, nicknamed Razor, was abandoned as a child, He was raised by street gangs and became a brutal enforcer. He joined the Militia once Magnus took over his area. Razor rose to power because of his enormous stature.

Role in PlotEdit

Shank first encounters Razor at the Militia hideout when Razor throws a burning tire at Shank. Razor laughs at Shank. Shank looks at him angrily. The two then went into a fight. Razor seems to utilize Burning tires as his signature weapon. Despite his great size and strength, Razor gets humiliatingly defeated by Shank who cuts him across the face a few times and grabs the much bigger man by the collar and head butts him into a bunch of barrels of gas. Shank then kicks one of Razor's burning tires at Razor, who is covered in gas. Razor screams with a scared look on his face before the burning tire touches him and causes an explosion that blows him into pieces. Razor's death and the burning down of their camp causes Inferno to burn a nearby town and kidnap the civilians there, including Shank's former guardian Elena.



  • If one pieces together all the events mentioned in the Rebel intel, the game takes place at around 1989 (Assassination attempt last year in 1988 for example). This means that despite his older looking appearance, Razor is only about 19 or 20 years old, making him quite young, even younger than Shank. This probably explains why he is the first boss, he is inexperienced and just uses his huge size.