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The Start of the fallEdit

Before Shank's vengeful quest to annihilate the crime family that took everything from him; Shank once worked with the family and was Partners-in-crime with Falcone, often doing enforcement for Cesar, the leader of the family. The Story starts with Falcone and Shank talking about Eva at a Barbershop where they recently beat-up the barber for missing a payment. Falcone explains that Cesar doesn't like Eva because of her harmless nature and is nothing like Shank or the Mob. Falcone is called and informed that Cassandra is need of assistance at her strip club. A Biker gang claims the area as theirs and so Shank and Falcone kill all the gang members and kill one of their bosses. leaving Denny, one of the leaders, to be tortured by Cassandra. Afterwards that are called again to get a payment from The Butcher. After he refuses to pay, Shank and Falcone fight through his guards and corner him, where they beat him up as a lesson to never forget to pay again. Cesar phones the two hitmen again, they need to oppose a priest and his congregation. They succeed and bring him before Cesar and his Cousin, Angelo. After a confrotation, Angelo shoots the priest causing Shank and Angelo to instigate a fight. Cesar calms them and saids that the priests fate will never be known if Angelo takes his place and he does so.

As Shank is preparing to take Eva out on a date, Falcone informs him that The Mayor is to be whacked because Cesar gave the word. Shank tells Eva to stay in the car and takes the keys; Shank and Falcone along with Cesar's personal guard, Rudy, being the assassination. They kill numerous guards and find The Mayor but are cut off by his gigantic Bodyguard. Meanwhile, Eva is informed that she must move her car or less she will be towed. She then runs inside to find Shank for the car keys just as he is killing the Bodyguard. The Mayor then appears and takes Eva hostage in order to escape. Rudy arrives and shoots the Mayor and then takes aim at Eva because there's to be no witnesses on the job. Shank dives in front and shoots Rudy dead. Shank, realizing what he has done, flees with Eva in order to protect her from the Mob, leaving Falcone to report back to Cesar. A voice-over of Cesar is heard, saying to follow Shank to find Eva and then kill both of them as Shank and Eva drive off into the sunset.

The RevengeEdit