The Butcher (real name unknown) is the 3rd boss in the Shank.


The Butcher in past

Role in PlotEdit

Before Shank sought revenge, The Butcher was a wrestler who fought "Deadbeats" who were paid by the Mafia to lose so that The Butcher could become famous. Shank and Falcone beat up Butcher for missing a payment to Cesar (Knocking one of his teeth out in the process). The Butcher was not seen until Cesar told Cassandra, Angelo, and him to follow Shank to find Eva and then kill both of them. When the trio broke into the house, it was the Butcher who beat up Shank and presumably raped and killed Eva. Afterwards, The Butcher left wrestling and started working in the Meat district. Shank learned his whereabouts after killing a look-alike and rode the train to find Butcher on the Job. They then fought, with Shank strangling Butcher with meat chains. Shank walked away with the Butcher still attempting to kill Shank but the effort is futile as Shank presses the grinder activation button, hanging and chopping the Butcher into pieces.


  • The Butcher Fractured Shanks skull during the house break-in. Causing Shank's white bandana to turn red from the blood. It has stayed that way ever since.
  • In the Steam version of Shank during the cutscene right before the boss fight, the Butcher talking about Cassandra is removed.
  • Also in the Steam version The Butcher after his boss fight, the death scene where he dies from Shank activating the grinder is removed instead Shank just walks away towards the next level.