Appearance Shank
"This ends here fool!"- Toro when Shank encounters him.

Toro serves as one of the antagonists of Shank. He is very massive and imposing. He stands at over ten feet tall. His preferences include using brute force and attacking by charging. Toro is killed by receiving grenade candy, as Shank jumps backwards and shoots the grenade, blowing his head to smitherines.

Appearances Edit

  • "Fertile Ground"


  • He is very similar to El Raton, this means that both are in the same size, they share the same behavior, same fighting style and they share many attacks plus that they both die by losing ther head, but in different ways. They both have a tattoo on the left shoulder, both have the same animation when Shank does the special attack on them, jumping up on their backs and sticking his Chainsaw in their back.
Shank toro by jeffagala
  • Toro is not a boss but is a sub-boss instead; this evident by the fact that there is no checkpoint or a specific section from the level selecter to fight him.
  • On Hard mode, Toro is even faster and does even more damage, this is frustrating because of the lack of a checkpoint for this boss.
  • It is likely that Toro was Cesar's new bodyguard since Rudy was killed by Shank.

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